Friday, June 25, 2010

"Unrolled" Enchiladas

Love enchilads but think they're too much work? I have the solution for you! Take some chicken breasts, throw them in a slowcooker, add a can of enchilada sauce and whatever else sounds good, and cook on low all day! Shred it up, layer it in a tortilla with some cheese, green onions, and maybe some sour cream! It's delicious AND easy. I even put the chicken breasts in frozen! Really, this is my kind of meal!!!

Blueberry Orange Pancakes

I recently discovered a Lemon Ricotta pancake recipe that was fabulous, so I decided to try a little added flavor of my own. Megan requested blueberry pancakes one morning and I thought it might be tasty to add a little orange to the mix! Indeed, it was quite good. I'm not much of a pancake fan, but when you add a little something here and a little something there, I find them tolerable! So here is my attempt at dressing up a pancake...
Take regular pancake batter, homemade or from a mix, add blueberries, the zest and juice of one orange, and have Blueberry Orange Pancakes. I know, could it be any easier? Throw on some butter, powdered sugar, or blueberry syrup and you have yourself a delicious breakfast :-)