Friday, January 7, 2011

Zesty Popcorn

Looking for a tasty way to enjoy that popcorn? Something snacky for the big party? Well, here's something to try! Zesty Popcorn. It's really quite simple, and not all that fancy, but it's the perfect way to spice things up!
Cooking oil
Jalepeno slices, from a jar
Popcorn Kernals
Garlic and Seasoning Salt
In a large pot, add just enough oil to cover the bottom. I like to use Canola, but I've seen it done with olive or vegetable oil. Place a couple jalepeno slices in the pot, more if you want it spicier, and turn the heat to about 7 (medium high).

When you start to hear a sizzle, add just enough popcorn kernals to cover the bottom, and place the lid on.

While you wait to hear a pop, get out your garlic salt, seasoning salt, and butter. Make sure to give the pot a few good sliding shakes every now and then, to keep the kernals loose.
Just as with microwave popcorn, when you hear the popping slow to one every 2-3 seconds, remove the pot from the heat.
Remove the lid, add the butter and let it slide to the bottom of the pot. This will help it melt. Stir the popcorn until the butter is melted and the popcorn is coated. If you want this step to be easier, simply melt the popcorn in the microwave, however, I think it tastes slightly different.
Add your seasonings to taste, pop in your favorite movie, and snack away!!
Before I finish, I have to credit my husband for the popcorn in our house. He does a much better job of making it, and apparently learned it from his good friend and roommate in college! Thanks Kevin for the delicous idea!!

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Cheryl in Kona said...

How great to see jalapeno popcorn get its recognition. Many years ago, while working 12 hour night shifts at a hospital in Seattle, we would make "hot pepper popcorn" in our Stir crazy popper. Seeing your pictures brought back lots of memories. Need to add, we would fight over the fried peppers, they are really great. Thought about just frying them, but the oil in the air sort of drove people nuts.