Saturday, November 7, 2009

The "Krazy" Behind My Kitchen!

Meet the foursome that put the "Krazy" in my kitchen...

Megan, 6 years old, loves to dress up fancy, draw, do crafts and cook with mom; started out a great eater, but has decided to become finicky...working on that

Hailey, 2 1/2, my princess; the most hesitant eather but most likely to enjoy new foods; loves whatever is on mom or dad's plate

Andrew, 2 1/2, the boy in the bunch...the ALL boy; loves to get into every drawer, cabinet, or alcove in the kitchen, including the fridge; my most eager eater

Molly, 2 1/2, simply loves life; my biggest challenge when it comes to eating, but she taught me to have fun with food

These 4 certainly keep me hoppin' in the kitchen, but it's worth every last bit of chaos. My memories of childhood always include the comfort I felt from a warm meal on the table shared with my family. I want that for my clan, and someday I hope to make new memories with my children in the kitchen!

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