Saturday, November 7, 2009


Welcome to My Krazy Kitchen. Yes, that's right, in the midst of triplets and a 6 year, I do find time to cook and bake. It's my outlet, my reprieve, my....wait, whose kitchen am I in? Oh ya, my own, with three little helpers tugging on my legs and climbing all over the chairs. One big helper insisting on doing the measuring, pouring, and mixing! Yes, now I I said, welcome to My Krazy Kitchen! What you'll find here is just a collection, or recollection, of my adventures trying to feed my family and pass the time. What time, you ask? I don't know, the time I spend avoiding housework, paying the bills, taking care of the know, that time! Honestly, I just love being in the kitchen, trying new recipes, perfecting old ones, and baking up pure goodness for those that I love. Writing is also something I enjoy, so I figure if I can combine two of my passions to do good for my family, then twist my arm, that's what I'll do!!! I hope you enjoy your visits and please, pass along my fun to all your friends and family! If I make one person smile or inspire one busy mom to face the chaos of a Krazy Kitchen, then my work will be a success! Until next time, may you find comfort in the Kraziness of your life!


Brandi said...

Hey..where are the recipes? :-)

mike said...

Yes,maybe a spagetti,vegetable sauce.Mine didn't come out so good.Editable but doesn't jump out at me.Thanks for starting this blog,maybe I'll learn something